Pandian Quilling Thread Stores T.Nagar Chennai

Pandian Stores (A group of Pandian Bangles)

S. Manickrajan

Contact Phone Number: 09791006020

Gold Bangles, Fancy Bangles, Matching Bangles, Glass Bangles, Bharatha Natya Set, Bridal set, Wig, Topa and Hair Accessories.
All branded Cosmetics, Beauty Parlour, Equipments & Ever Before Imported Fancy items specially for College Students, Embriodary items, Tailor materials, lining cloth, Art and Craft painting item, Handmade item, Sequences and store. Doll Making items, Terracota items, Quilling materials - Thermakole items, Hangings pack work, Neck designers, Lat Kan Birth Day items, Decoration items, Arthi Tray Flower Making items, Western Top, leggings and dupatta long tops.

We sell valaikaapu or seemantham bangles set with home delivery facilities.

We provide two days free training will be conducted for a terracotta items, quilling items, Art and Craft Jewellery Making.

If you order in phone, we will send the products through courier.

Our Branches

Pandian Bangles
#51, 52 Ranganathan Street,
Janatha Bazar, T.Nagar
Chennai - 600017 Contact Number: 044 24342930, 044 24340749, 9740392525

Pandian Thread Stores
#53, Ranganathan Street,
Janatha Bazar
Chennai - 600017 Contact Number: 044 24340769, 9941331084

Pandian Fancy
V.K.K. Trade Centre,
#73, Ranganathan Street,
Chennai - 600017
Contact Number: 044 24330272

Pandian Art and Craft (whole sale)
V.K.K. Trade Centre
#73, Ranganathan Street, 2nd floor,
Chennai - 600017
Contact Number: 9176664968

Pandian Garments
Lucky Plazza
61, Ranganathan Street,
Chennai - 600017
Contact Number: 8124333897

Chill and Fresh
Ice Cream Machine,
Lemon Soda Machine,
Corn Machine, Supply and service
Contact Number: 9176336665, 8680032330